#DearErica, South African


I am just 17 all the way from south Africa but I relate to you in so many different ways. My dear erica I have had favorites over the past few years in the big brother show but with you, you were more than favorite. 
I loved you the day you entered till today.Obviously I was disappointed that your  journey was shortened, I was mad and had mixed emotions because I wanted you to win but ceece couldn’t have said it any better sometimes it’s not about winning the race but being part of the race. I believe everything happens for a reason and what ever happens, it happens for a reason.There was a purpose for why God put you in that house, so therefore may you forgive yourself and remember the elites will forever love you and more than anything you are a human being and human beings make mistakes and hit rock bottom but remember rock bottom is the best foundation to start over from and become better as a individual .

Reason why I said I relate to you in many ways therefore I realized that’s why you were more than a favourite and I was more than a fan was because I also have a beautiful smile and behind that smile I have issues related to my dad and that have lead to anger towards him but I am fixing that .I saw you show loyalty and be there for kiddwaya and the energy was  not reciprocated and I am one person who is loyal to my friends and family and I am there for them and the energy is not reciprocated. Just because we have beautiful smiles and always have a smile on our faces, people expect that we don’t make mistakes or cry but forget we are just human beings more than anything else. 
Erica, I wish you happiness upon happiness blessings upon blessings, joy, success, love and may all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled. The day you left the house, I prayed for you and I will continue to do so therefore  I pray God guides you and guards you always and may He protect you .I love you and I wish you nothing but the best. 
Yes, I agree I wish you had won, I was sad that you left but I am happy everything happened the way it was supposed to happen. I love you star girl. Remember that self love and self worth is vital and remember to put erica first. Happiness is a choice, choose happiness!
I only have one wish, my wish is to meet you honestly speaking and I know one day I will. 

Love and Light. From:Your biggest fan.

#DearErica, South African


Dear Erica Ngozi Nlewedim
I became too addicted to the Big Brother Naija Lockdown the day I saw your authentic smile and personality on my screen. You’re beautiful inside out and your caring nature is beyond description.
Take all the time that you need to heal and to find yourself again baby G we’ll be here, waiting for you to shine bright like the STAR that you are. May God carry you throughout this process. We can’t wait to see that Colgate smile and secure all the bags. They tried to close all the doors for you little did they know that we’re coming for the entire BUILDING!!!!!!!
With LoveDezrey from South Africa🇿🇦

#DearErica, South African


Dear Erica,

The very first day big brother naija Lockdown started ,I fell in love with you ,I told my family that you are my favourite housemate .Not knowing what will happen as day’s goes by, guess what nothing changed I even loved you more than the first day . I love you for who you are , being true to yourself, forever smiling . Some days I used to not watch big brother because you were sad ,I couldn’t bear seeing you sad. Ever since the day you were disqualified  ,I lost interest in watching BBnaija because to me you were already a winner and a conqueror. Wish you all the best in whatever you do ,May the Almighty God bless whatever you put your hands into. May he supply all your needs according to His riches.
You are loved dearly .
Regards Phumudzo Mandinda 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

#DearErica, South African


Dear Erica 
Ngozi Nlewedim or or should I say Naledi, meaning star in the sotho South African language.  I’m sure your aware by now that the S.A. Elites have given you that name. A pure representation of what you are, a star girl. The first time i fell in love with you was the 19th, which is the first day of Bbhen. It was the constant smilling and giggling, I thought to myself why is this girl so happy. I got curious and continued to stay glued on the screen just to see you and guess what? I  fell in love. Where ever you are i want you to know that I love and miss seeing you on my screen.  Always remember the Elites got your back we proud of all you have achieved during your stay. Nigeria and Africa as a whole was never ready for a liberated confident women like you.
XOXOXO from Siya all the way from South Africa

#DearErica, South African


Dear Erica 
I love you all the way from 🇿🇦 . I wanted to tell you to please focus on the love you get from Elites and from other people that love and appreciate  you . Do not focus on the hate you get from other people because no matter how much they try to dim your light they will not succeed because stars shine in the dark . And Matter how much they will try to bring you down they will not succeed because stars are up there , they will not reach you star girl . Stars are unreachable just like yourself. You will succeed in life , you will get everything you desire because you’re in my prayers everyday . Star girl I love you so much take care of yourself . You are loved by me and the rest of the Elites.  Remember you are unreachable From Naledi to Another Naledi 

#DearErica, South African


Dear Erica
Erica my best friend , I firstly fell in love with your smile ,then your sweetness, then your soul, then your vibe at the party. Later during the show I realised you’re a book worth to be read and understood I got to understand you ,I got to fall deeply in love with you ,u became the only thing I talked about .You showed all sorts of emotions and I found that very beautiful, I wondered how can such a beautiful lady be so exceptional. I studied you, I carried you, you became a part of me, I prayed for you, I laughed when u laughed, I cried when you cried, I danced when u danced , I jumped when u sing my favourite songs I screamed when you win.
I just wanna say that I could relate a lot to what u went through, I also recently found my dad this year on my birthday (March 3) I don’t know how to feel about him but that’s cool. I am glad he came anyway, my mom passed I’ve been moving from house to house but now I am cool. What I learnt is that it’s okay to not have family all the time, The few friends who are there matters the most. Being alone is not a problem. We gon be good Las Las. I am surely gon get my Kidd along the way🤣.

I wish you all the best RiRi. See the day I see you posting something like ( ELITES AM GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦)I will be the happiest human aliveI can’t wait to hang out with you. We gon treat you like a queen u are️⭐⭐

Let me stop now I said a lot🤣
If u reply to this letter I swear I’ll die 🤣Love you Baby G ♥️

Yours faithfully Didimalang Charlotte Roberts
From South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

#DearErica, South African


Dear Erica ,
I wish you nothing but the best in the future.
I have never watched bbn before ,but because of you I’ve watched 24/7 ,your smile captured my heart,  your personality is amazing, I see soo much of myself in you, very humble, always happy yet very emotional. 
Shine Star Girl Shine…….
South Africa is right behind you…we love you. 

#DearErica, South African


Star Girl 
I remember that fateful Saturday when I was browsing through DStv channels and decided to see what’s going on on BB Naija. To my delight there was this lively girl with long blonde braids who just lit up my screen and I knew then that you were destined for greatness!
Please be human, the 20’s are for figuring things out. Also, allow yourself to grow and mature. Keep feeding your passions so when you look back at your life 20 years from now you will be proud of all you have done. 
We know your star will keep soaring higher and beaming brighter and that you will make us proud.   

I hope the Kiddrica ship keeps sailing and that you do things your way.You’ll be surprised at how far you can go together if God is the foundation.
Keep shining Star Girl, we are watching and cheering you on. 
All my love from South AfricaNino x