#MyEliteJourney, #OneYearInLove


From your biggest fan who loves you to the moon and back!

Hi Erica! Happy anniversary! It’s been an honor being a fan for the past year, with many more to come. You are amazingly talented, inspiring and have a kind soul. You inspire me and influence me for the better. I’ve been able to single handeldy do a lot of things I needed motivation for since knowing you. 

You are enough! You are amazing! You are a blessing! You radiate so much love and positivity and I love how you love God. Thank you for simply existing cause you have no idea how many lives you’ve touched. What I’ve learnt from you is to always be myself and be my best. You inspire me so much. Shine on STAR GIRL. God will continue to do exploits through you. I love you and I want you to know I’ve got your back forever ❤️. This is just the beginning, we’ll all be here when u get on that global stage to say “I told you so”. Such a STAR! Tell baby that we see him and we can’t wait for his hair to grow back😂❤️.Love, Joan.

I love you so so so much ❤️

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