#MyEliteJourney, #OneYearInLove


Dear Erica,
I was just a random Ugandan young woman that was looking for something to light up her life during the total lockdown when I stumbled on you. You became my favorite and my love for you became public and evident to those around me. What I didn’t know is that your love would lead me to meet a multitude of other lovers in East Africa. Erica, we built a sisterhood as East African Elites through out WhatsApp group to support and love you but we have ended up loving and supporting each other unconditionally. On my birthday, your Ugandan Elites surprised me😭 I had never seen or physically met any of them before! This is how your light rubbed off on some of us. I love you forever,meeting you has given me a whole new family.

I hope we get to meet someday, happy anniversary to all Elites!
Your Ugandan Maama

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