#MyEliteJourney, #OneYearInLove


It’s a year already? Whoa, How time flies! One year of happiness, joy, winning, growth, laughter and tears with you. On a day like this last year I saw a sweet, loving, beautiful damsel with the most beautiful smile ever on tv, little did I know I would actually fall in love with her. As I always say what drew me to you first was your CONFIDENCE . Damn! How you walked up to the stage to talk to Ebuka was everything for me. Your passion in your career. When you introduced yourself to the other housemates and hearing you speak with so much passion about what you do and what you want to achieve in life did it for me. Your hard work, your outlook in life and oh not forgetting how you put God at the center of it all. Before I was not confident in my myself because I was always afraid of the outcome but watching you and seeing how you presented yourself with so much confidence motivated me to gain confidence in myself. I always say that, this is not only stanship for me but a learning process as well. I may not spend 24 hours a day with you but the little I get to see from you makes me happy and I learn from it too. It’s from you I’ve learnt and seen that you can dream it and achieve it as long as you put in the work, believe in yourself and trust in God. I’ve told you this countless times and I will keep on saying it. You inspire me and I pray you keep you keep on inspiring me and many others out here. You told us you will make us proud and you constantly do that every day. Stanning you has been the most beautiful thing ever. My first time doing it and I absolutely love it. I will never get tired of stanning you because you make it look so beautiful and easy. You’re the best fave anyone could ever ask for.Happy one year anniversary my dearest Erica, I look forward to many more anniversaries with you because It’s a lifetime thing baby. I love you and may God bless you for me for always making me happy. Elites for Erica together forever.

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