When did the love start building up? Was it when you appeared with the FAMOUS white dress with a dazzling smile, or when you spoke on stage, or when you entered the house, or when you shared your story or when you sang& danced? I honestly cannot give a definite answer to this cos WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT YOU? I mean! Have you met you?

I’m going to highlight a few qualities about you that endeared you to me: Ambitiousness, Self awareness, Creativity, Talent, Independence, Unpredictability, Originality, Supportive, LOYAL, Beauty, Smile, Sex appeal(which you ooze of), Expressive and Intentional. These are but to mention a FEW and I’m sure you already know you are all these and MORE!

You are unapologetically You!
I love how you love love& do not hide it! You are not ashamed of your feminity& it was and is beautiful to watch!

Erica Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedim! My Ego Oyibo& Omalicha nwa as I fondly call you!
I’m not Igbo but I researched a few Igbo names befitting for a Queen& Star girl like you: Golibe! Erinwa! Iruaku! My Adaego! Adaiba! Nkem!!! Apunanwu! Ihekerenma!Mmachukwu! Obiageli! Obioma! Olanma!
Egoagwuagwu! Ermmm, let me sneak in BabyG. Hehe!

I don’t want to sound like a broken record or make it feel like I’m patronizing you cos yo! I MEAN EVERY SINGLE WORD!
Of course! Like every human, you are not perfect and you have flaws of your own but that’s inconsequential cos TBVH, your strengths& positive traits OUTWEIGH your flaws.

Since July 19th, I’ve been on this journey with you& guess what??? I pin!
I’ve shared in your joy, smiles, wins, tears, strengths, weaknesses, hurt and every single emotion! I surprise even myself with the depth of love I have for you.

I love how you never miss any opportunity to sell ya market! I mean! Actress extraordinaire! Singer! Artist! Dancer! Influencer& what have you?

See, I can go on& on and this epistle won’t suffice. I want you to KNOW that you are strong, amazing& LOVED! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Elites love you to the moon& back! Of course there’ll be haters, in 2baba’s words “If nobody talk about you, then you’re nobody,” Oh! Queen Bey also said “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation. Always stay gracious, the best revenge is your paper.”

You knew what you were saying when you said you were the main Actor with few supporting characters cos YOU TOLD NO LIE!
We do not call you star girl for fancy! Just keep being you! Keep being goal driven& the sky will be your starting point! May I add people’s reactions to you will not always mirror yours to them?
Please DROWN every noise of hatred or trolling with love cos for every troll, there are a thousand and one people who love you! You’re a Queen& premium babe, never drop your crown. You’re going to get tired of me hailing you in your comment section in Igbo, so get ready!

Give mummy a big hug for me, it’s not beans to be the mother of a STAR GIRL!

Are bụ obodo etinyere n’ugwu a gaghị echekwa!

With LOVE from Monisola!