Hi Erica…

This is a love note from me to you.. You are super amazing and I just want you to know that YOU ARE THAT GIRL YOU THINK YOU ARE!! I know there would be days where you feel lacking or some days that might feel slacking but I need you to always remember that YOU ARE THAT GIRL YOU THINK YOU ARE and MORE!!! You deserve all the love you are getting, know this. You are so sweet with a pure heart and your pure heart will take you places and move mountains for you…Keep being you, keep being amazing, keep smiling from your heart, keep staying positive. We will keep cheering you on, chanting your name, screaming “StarGirl” because that is what you truly are. YOU ARE A STAR, you are going to keep shining so bright and beautifying places because that is what your journey is about. Keep taking up spaces and filling it up with your sweetness. Love you – KOSY MYRA!