My Naledi! Finest and purest of them all. Beautifully imperfect with child-like innocence. Steadfast in love, loyal to a fault with ambition made of sterner stuff. “Nlewedim!!!” As I affectionately call you. Thank You for baring yourself in totality to us. Thank You for living out your truth without fear or favor. Seeing you smile wholeheartedly with so much love was priceless; I’d give anything to see that Chinese fish smile again LOL! Like a phoenix you will rise from the ashes and step into the newness of your life. You Are Greatness personified and I know for a fact that you will live out your true purpose. Continue being the ever amazing, caring, energetic, kind and multitalented human that you are. It’s been a pleasure welcoming you into my life. Always know that you will forever have a place in my heart. I Love You Erica Ngozi Ugonma Blessing Nlewedim -Joey Josephs.