Hi Erica,

This is meant to be some sort of “love epistle”, where I get to tell you how much I’ve gotten to love you and all those deep things, but yo, I’m really angry. I’m angry that I can’t keep my emotions in check when it comes to you, I’m angry at how fast my heart races when I sight your name, I’m angry at how much you have made me love you, what have you done to me Erica? See ehn, I want to see you win so bad, I want to see you rack up all the greatest acting awards that exist on this planet, I want to see you on the Oscar stage giving an acceptance speech while your charming smile lights up the whole room. I just want to see you win! Even if you don’t remember anything off this letter, just remember that there’s a girl in one corner of the world, praying for you, rooting for you deeply and sending you love by the second. If you ever feel down, remember that this girl has got your back and she would not trade her love and support for you, for anything else this world has to offer. Erica, I love you – BOLANLE