#DearErica, Nigerian


Decided not to watch BBN this year , July 19th I got a message I think you will like this Erica girl , I say send me a picture. Oh she looks familiar I don’t know where I have seen her before. Then it clicks, hire a woman I loved her in that movie. So I decide to watch and see what she is all about, I tune in and I see a beautiful lady on a ponytail wearing a leopard skin bodysuit introducing herself to the housemates. Then she smiles and at that very moment I knew that I will love this girl forever. Despite all the emotional rollercoaster that hasn’t changed in fact the love keeps growing each day Thank you so much for living your truth, you are a such a breathe of fresh air. Watching you gave me so much pleasure and a whole new perspective about life. Indeed you are a star baby girl , Never stop smiling, the world is not ready for the force that is Erica Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedim. And I make you this promise even if the whole word forsakes you I shall ride for you till the wheels fall off.- Love ,Atim