She walked up on stage with so much confidence and a million dollar smile and i was like “damn!” Because i knew right then and there that my promise to never get emotionally attached and support any housemate on this show was about to be broken. It was love at first sight for me. The love only grew bigger and stronger by the day. The more i watched the show the more reasons she gave me to support and ride with her. Everything about her screamed SUPERSTAR! Everything she puts her hands on turns gold. I’ve learned a lot from her this past couple of weeks. She has taught me to be outspoken and not hold grudges, she has taught me to love wholeheartedly. She has taught me to be humble, despite all the blessings. She even taught me to cook indomie with palm oil lol.. Who would’ve thought? Btw i tried it one of these days when i was missing her so much and i really enjoyed and it made me feel better *smiles* My effortlessly beautiful and talented superstar. I love her so much! She will always be my fav, my love, my STARGIRL with whom i’m very pleased. Grow bigger and Shine Brighter, Erica! Ruksee