#DearErica, Nigerian

Deola Bee

Hi Erica, Hope you’re doing great? You’re one of the brightest lights I’ve ever seen, your smile almost reassures me that all is well in the world. That smile is the exact thing that drew me to you, I had intended on watching this season of BBN without any favourites as usual, but I just found you irresistible. We have a clue of how you felt in the house at least from what we saw on TV, and I just want to say that I’m happy you’re out of the house. They don’t deserve your heart. You haven’t failed, you haven’t disappointed anyone. Instead, you have highlighted just how human we all are, and especially the suffering of Nigerian women at the hands of men we thought had our best interests at heart. Erica you’re going to be the biggest star off this show ever, it’s already written in the stars. I hope the love from your fans and friends don’t overwhelm you, you deserve every single positivity out here. I’ve dreamt about you every night since you left the show, that’s how much I miss watching you on my screen and how fond of you I’ve gotten. I pray to meet you someday. P.S: If you’re ever in Dublin, please let me know! Yours sincerely, Deola Bee.