Ngo Babe, It’s so difficult to put down words on how I feel about you in. It almost feels like words aren’t enough. You are such a light! I say this because you literally make everywhere you are brighter than you met it. The first thing I noticed about you was your smile and how your eyes disappear (mine do too). Look, that smile is glorious. I don’t want you to ever doubt yourself and what you are capable of. You are beautiful, strong, resilient and hardworking! Please don’t ever dim yourself for anyone; we love you the way you are. I want you to know that you are loved unconditionally and wholly by a large family out here. A family that looks beyond mistakes and flaws and doesn’t judge you for them. I totally enjoyed you on my screen, Babe. You were the highlight of the show with your smile, energy, dance moves(stepper face), and your naughtiness lol. Revel in the love you will be showered with and never for once think that you are not cared for. Focus on that and ignore the peripherals. We watched you, danced with you and cried with you and prayed for you. Now it’s time for us to watch you soar like the eagle that you are. Afuru m gi n’anya, Nwanne m. Alex.