#DearErica, Nigerian


My dearest Erica, it’s surreal that I think about you everyday, wondering what you are up too, if you’re fine, if you’re ready to take over the world. I know you are!!!

The way I love you shock me, I thought it was just normal stanning but it’s more than that, it’s genuine, pure, true and beautiful.

There were days I got pissed at you whilst watching you but the days you made me smile, happy, laugh, admire are way more than days of ‘if I catch this girl eh’.

Oh I cried but I don’t want to deal on it, I’m so glad that you’re loved, seriously loved by everyone and especially my co-Elites league. Ngozi baby, you deserve every good thing that came, comes and will come your way. Have you seen your smile or your gorgeous face or even your genuine heart.

Thank you for showing yourself, thank you for learning from that experience, thank you for taking your time to get stronger. I pray our parts cross someday soon, may we hug, eat and talk about how life is so good to you, to me, to us.

StarGirl, you’re my friend, sister, and so much more. I love you 


️ God loves you, Elites loves you.

With love, glazed donuts and milkshake,
Your Girl, Toby Donut