#DearErica, South African


Dear Erica 
Ngozi Nlewedim or or should I say Naledi, meaning star in the sotho South African language.  I’m sure your aware by now that the S.A. Elites have given you that name. A pure representation of what you are, a star girl. The first time i fell in love with you was the 19th, which is the first day of Bbhen. It was the constant smilling and giggling, I thought to myself why is this girl so happy. I got curious and continued to stay glued on the screen just to see you and guess what? I  fell in love. Where ever you are i want you to know that I love and miss seeing you on my screen.  Always remember the Elites got your back we proud of all you have achieved during your stay. Nigeria and Africa as a whole was never ready for a liberated confident women like you.
XOXOXO from Siya all the way from South Africa