#DearErica, South African


While on a journey to search for the right words, the right vocabulary, the right spelling, the right everything that will fit into your calibre, the President: Elite calibre, I realised that you are more than words. What a journey to embark on because I searched and searched but you were still worth way more than I could find.

You are deserving of everything-great, everything-amazing, everything-presidency, everything-royalty, man Your greatness reigns and everything conforms.
I found myself loving you unconditionally, despite being judged and questioned (what do you see in her?) I saw something in you I never seen on my TV before, I saw an amazing, strong, powerful, independent, real to the core, compassionate and loving STAR. For a minute I thought I was crazy or obsessed until I met my ELITE family, from there I knew that the light radiated by Stars can be really blinding.
I pray for strength and wisdom upon you, I pray for blessings and Grace.

#DearErica Stay shining I love you so much

Kind Regards