#DearErica, South African


I am just 17 all the way from south Africa but I relate to you in so many different ways. My dear erica I have had favorites over the past few years in the big brother show but with you, you were more than favorite. 
I loved you the day you entered till today.Obviously I was disappointed that your  journey was shortened, I was mad and had mixed emotions because I wanted you to win but ceece couldn’t have said it any better sometimes it’s not about winning the race but being part of the race. I believe everything happens for a reason and what ever happens, it happens for a reason.There was a purpose for why God put you in that house, so therefore may you forgive yourself and remember the elites will forever love you and more than anything you are a human being and human beings make mistakes and hit rock bottom but remember rock bottom is the best foundation to start over from and become better as a individual .

Reason why I said I relate to you in many ways therefore I realized that’s why you were more than a favourite and I was more than a fan was because I also have a beautiful smile and behind that smile I have issues related to my dad and that have lead to anger towards him but I am fixing that .I saw you show loyalty and be there for kiddwaya and the energy was  not reciprocated and I am one person who is loyal to my friends and family and I am there for them and the energy is not reciprocated. Just because we have beautiful smiles and always have a smile on our faces, people expect that we don’t make mistakes or cry but forget we are just human beings more than anything else. 
Erica, I wish you happiness upon happiness blessings upon blessings, joy, success, love and may all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled. The day you left the house, I prayed for you and I will continue to do so therefore  I pray God guides you and guards you always and may He protect you .I love you and I wish you nothing but the best. 
Yes, I agree I wish you had won, I was sad that you left but I am happy everything happened the way it was supposed to happen. I love you star girl. Remember that self love and self worth is vital and remember to put erica first. Happiness is a choice, choose happiness!
I only have one wish, my wish is to meet you honestly speaking and I know one day I will. 

Love and Light. From:Your biggest fan.