#DearErica, Nigerian

Oyindamola A.

Dear Erica,

I hope you have been well and I hope you are safe and healthy. I still can’t believe in a writing to you, I hope you get to read this tho. This was my first time ever watching BBnaija and I must confess I watched it because of you. I am going through a lot myself and most times, I’m always having a bad day but whenever your face comes up on my screen, I just smile and I was drawn to your energy and sweetness. I can relate in someway to he things you went through, not because I have been in such situation per say but because I know what it feels to be emotionally drained, when people make you feel like you are always wrong and when you feel betrayed. But trust me baby G, the future is bright for us all and all that used to hunt us would be forgotten and remembered only as a funny story. I love you so much and I appreciate your existence as a strong independent black woman. I pray your dreams come true and with persistence and perseverance you would achieve all that you want. I have neither gold nor silver to offer you, but I have my genuine love to give you and I hope my love and the true love from those who loves you always reach your and comfort you always. I’m happy to have heard of you and I’m blessed to have seen a part of you. Flaws and all, you are perfect in all your imperfections and that’s what makes you beautiful and unique. Keep being yourself star girl, don’t let anyone take your joy away and may God continue to bless you abundantly. Have a blessed day.I love you sweetheart. 
Oyindamola A