#DearErica, Nigerian



Queen Erica of Hearts,

My namesake, few days ago I wrote on my WhatsApp status that I’ve never loved an absolute stranger on TV the way I love you.

When I looked at my status moment later, I realized that I was wrong. You’re no stranger, Erica. You are me and I am you. You’re every growing young woman with dreams, hopes, needs, desires, flaws and that is simply what draws me to you.

Your soul is beautiful. Your smile is breathtaking and absolutely contagious. It’s hard not to smile when you smile. Ha! And that giggle of yours! Makes you such a lovable girl.

Speaking from a place of experience, I know what it feels like to be a needy person because of the void that is left from not getting the childhood necessities. Yes, you don’t need people. You should be fine being on your own but you have inherited us the Elites and I can assure you that I speak the minds of many when I say that we have your back for life. 

I don’t want you to ever feel pressured. The best thing you can do for us is to continuously be your absolute self.

Own Your Truth. Heal. Be Great.

I love you forever and always.