#DearErica, Ghanaian

Nana Afua

My dearest Baby G.

I fell in love with you the very first day I watched BBN. I saw some similarities in you so I chose you. I could totally relate to your upbringing, your wide and beautiful smile just like mine, highly emotional and very blunt and raw. I love the fact that you could love soo deeply and be so loyal to your loved ones. Cos I in the hand will rather avoid it entirely.
Also I like the fact that you liked clearing yourself through communication. Sometimes it might come off the wrong way but it is the best so don’t stop.
The only difference we had is that i surrendered my pain and fears to God and everything changed.
If you ask me your mistake was living your truth which was different from how people expected you to live.

My beautiful clearing agent, I’m so proud of you I think you did soo well and represented yourself well. May the good Lord bless you and grant you all that you wish for yourself and more. You deserve the very best.

I love you so much Erica and be happy always and keep that smile always.