#DearErica, South African


Dear EricaĀ 
I love you all the way from šŸ‡æšŸ‡¦ . I wanted to tell you to please focus on the love you get from Elites and from other people that love and appreciateĀ  you . Do not focus on the hate you get from other people because no matter how much they try to dim your light they will not succeed because stars shine in the dark . And Matter how much they will try to bring you down they will not succeed because stars are up there , they will not reach you star girl . Stars are unreachable just like yourself. You will succeed in life , you will get everything you desire because you’re in my prayers everyday . Star girl I love you so much take care of yourself . You are loved by me and the rest of the Elites.Ā Ā Remember you are unreachableĀ From Naledi to Another NalediĀ