Ms Naomi

Dear Erica

I just want you to know how special you are to me, i have never seen a confident, hardworking, humble lady like you , watching you dis year was one of my greatest motivation, your smile brightens my day ,you’re one in a million, you’re so real a friend and sister everybody wishes to have ,you’re so loyal with a pure heart. You wear your heart on your sleeves, you’re caring and loving,  i like your style and i just want you to know that you will get to that destination you have always wished for. You always say you’re an only child jus know that you have millions of siblings out here. I’m writing my application for the post of your kid sister already 🤣 it will soon reach you. We know all humans have 2 sides but as an individual i love you with all your curves and edges  all your perfect and imperfections, i have chosen to cover your imperfections with your perfections. Queen of Elite League , Empress of her own Empire , number one stargirl. I’m giving my daughter your names ERICA NGOZI,  i want her to be a replicant of you. PROUD ELITE