#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica, This message may probably not be read or it maybe lost in the sea of other messages you get, but you yaking the time to read this will really mean the world to me.
I just want to say that I and your other loyal fans love you soo much and I hope you have the courage to stay strong.
I believe you’re a strong woman who has thought me to be more confident in myself and many more.
I can relate with you on so many levels, I believe you’re a winner at whatever life throws out you. I have soo much faith in you, even if you make mistakes on your journey in life. I WILL STILL BE ONE OF YOUR LOYAL FANS because your beautiful soul has really touched and moved me to tears. I hope some day, I get to have kids with your beautiful soul & personality 
You are a Queen, don’t ever let your crown fall. I for one will always defend and stand by you. Erica never forget who you are, even if the world doesn’t remember. I and your fans got you and we’ll always will.
Love from your forever fan girl,Maryjane