#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica,

I have never felt any emotional attachment to a stranger the way I felt for you. It was almost as if I knew you before. My emotions went with you to BBN, when you laughed, I laughed. When you cried, I cried. When you were down, I prayed for you.

I looked forward to watching you on my screen every single day and unconsciously learnt so much from you. I’m going to share some of the things you taught me below so you’ll know how much impact you had and so you can keep being your beautiful, sweet and loving self.

You taught me:
1. To always smile, no matter what.
2. To always give love.
3. That my body is enough and I can rock it like a queen.
4. To live each day like it’s my last.
5. To focus on my goal, everything will fall into place.
6. That I can be professional, book smart, fun loving, strong, vulnerable, sexy and teachable.
7. To be able to say sorry when necessary.
8. To know what I want and go for it.
9. To dance in front of a mirror, it’s sexy.
10. To never be caught unfresh.

I hope you see this, but even if you don’t, that’s okay. I just want you to know that you are loved, you are strong, you are not alone, you’ve got a bigger family now and we’ll do anything for you.
Wish you the very best in life.

Love you always,