#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica,

It hits differently being the only Elite in a house filled with icons.

The drags, the words the beef but I got stronger because you are strong. You showed what it means to be strong. Anytime they ask me why do I even like you, or they check my phone gallery and insult me, smiles fill my face because I know you have a pure heart.

Thank you for being the star of the show, supporting character and of course the extras lol. 

I pray for you that you’re never confused, you know what to do at the right time, God paves way for you and he will never leave you stranded. I pray that he will guide you with his presence and cloth you with strength. I pray that he will shield you and guide you from your enemies.

Please don’t let anyone put you in any pressure to accept any offer, take your time, and if it doesn’t give you peace please wave it better ones will come and you will be happy. Please do not stop smiling that was what attracted me to you.

I do not think I have ever loved someone like I do now and I do not regret it one bit. I am grateful to bbn for you and the gift of you. I am happy to be an Elite and to have you as the president of Elites league.

Till we meet and I pray I don’t faint that day. I love you so so so much baby G.  

      Yours faithfully 

      A proud shipper but first an Elite. Lademi