#DearErica, Nigerian



During the journey of life, everyone goes through times of failure, pain and suffering. However only those who have the guts to get up and continue with their journey, emerge victorious. Let all your troubles and pains motivate you to move on. It is only then, will you be able to get up and carry on with your journey of life, more stronger than before. You are strong and that should print in your mind , you truly have a heart of gold , You need no reason to show or pretend,  you are just the way you are , so pure.You shine bright like the star ⭐ in the sky. You are not born to be stressed in life .You are born to be blessed in life, So leave all your worries aside And try to be happy all the while Coz you just have one fulfilling life Keep smiling with all the strive!Make the most of your life! Love you ⭐ Girl BABY G.

With love,      Kenme williams