#DearErica, Nigerian


I never imagined I would love someone I’ve never met the way I do,I love your good and bad sides,your smile can warm a frozen heart and light up a dark room,you have the purest of Hearts,I love you Erica,I absolutely love You,There is not enough words to express this,not enough ink to write it,You are an exceptional, beautiful,self driven person,I hope to be like you one day, A selfless career driven women with a heart of Gold,ever ready to share with the world.Erica, Queen of the dance floor, Life of the party Queen of content, Baby G,Our Madam, Sweetheart, Princess¬†Thank you for teaching us that it’s ok to be human, that it’s ok to have flaws,that it’s ok to always be you irrespective of the time or place.Je t’aime la belle Femme.
I love you–JULU