#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica,

  How have you been? I will start by thanking God for blessing the Elite league with you during this pandemic. There is this grace that follows you and it is beyond the physical. God has tagged this special grace that makes you find favour in the sight of men. I want you to know that you are love Big Sis. Most importantly, never let the hate you get forget how much love you are given. The people who hate you were made that way by God to avert many negativities in order to fufil your destiny,so do not try to change that. God has a great plan for you. I know how many weeks I spent praying at night,staying up,not eating, I even lost 6kg lol. All in all I have no regrets. Every tear was worth it,every prayer was worth it,every smile and laugh was worth it. I know that I have tapped into your grace lol and I hope God takes me far like he has with you.

Erica Nlewedim Ugonma Ngozi and all of that, I LOVE YOU TO BITS!

I can not wait for your return,but I can wait. Take care baby girl.

Ohhh,How is the scar on your leg?

Your Baby Sis,