#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica,

First of all, I can’t believe I’m doing this, that is, actually caring about you enough to write you a letter with my hands shaking and my heart beating fast, hoping this gets to you, this wasn’t part of the plan for me, lol. I’m not a big brother fan, never watched it like that but this year I was on my own when you and Kidd brought a ship to me and the rest is history. I’m still shocked about how much I care about you; what sorcery is this, lol. I will shamelessly admit that your ship caught my attention but your hearts made me stay, chai seeing too beautiful individuals with hearts of gold, I don’t stan nonsense o.

You are a queen and nothing less. I know you’re not perfect but you’re pure, honest, beautiful from the inside out, loyal to a fault, I don’t know what else to say again but I have a lot to say still. You really gave me HBP, I won’t lie and I’m only 17, lol. But still I see you, I understand you and you’re an angel, not perfect but still an angel. I need you to know this. Yes, you have flaws but your flaws don’t take away your crown, they don’t even shift it in the slightest bit, understand this. I pray for growth for you, I pray you unlock the best versions of yourself, I just want to see you win so bad.

So here is the deal, the day you got disqualified, my favorite word became VINDICATION. It’s because I desperately need to see you win, I want to see you win so bad, I need you to shut up Nigeria. I need to see you winning awards like AMVCA to start with(we’ll manage that for now), then I need to see Emmys flying around, I want to see you at the Met gala and at New York fashion week, and I need best actress awards, I want you GLOBAL, I want you winning at life. I just want you to win so bad, because you deserve it, you deserve it so much. With God on your side, the sky is only the limit, I pray all your dreams come true. Also, I’m a writer (at least I hope I am) and I hope one day I can write a movie you can be in but right now I need you to set the trend, I can’t wait to see you at the top. I would faint if you wrote me back just to tell me we have a deal.

Love, Kiish