To begin with I thank God for you, I’ve always been a fan and part of you, your smile attracted me to you and your pure heart, seeing you on big brother again I was like yes yes yes this is my favorite ain’t stanning any other except her.      

Baby you are strong, beautiful, phenomenal, amazing, confident, I love the way you carry yourself, I love the way you love even when hatred is the order of the day, I love the way you express your sexuality, I love the way you don’t keep grudges, you remind me of me because we have alike personalities, I love how loyal, truthful, God-fearing, compassionate, and beautiful you are.     Chérie i want you to know that God is always with you also I and other elites will always be there for you spiritually and all areas, never will you ever feel alone,  we might not get to see in life but we will always be with you, I personally will always pray and fight for you…God help us.     UGONMMA I want you to know not everyone will like you, keep being you, always do things that makes you happy, don’t live by people’s acceptance so that you won’t die by their rejection, you can’t please everyone, not everyone will be your friend, always be happy that is life sugar.      NGOZI MY LOVE always take corrections and criticism but pay deaf ears to negativity, you are a star who will shine all over the globe, I believe in you and I know God has a lot in store for you….       BABY G please keep being you, “not of he that willeth or runneth but of God who sheweth mercy ” baby you are flawed and favored never forget that “favored ”      ERICA ERICA ERICA YOU WERE NEVER AND YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BE A MISTAKE. ONCE AGAIN I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOUR IMPERFECTIONS ♥ ♥                                      YOURS TRULY                                     GAZELLE