#DearErica, Nigerian


I have never watched Big Brother Naija show before and I don’t think I would after this year. I went on Twitter and saw your name on the trend list and that’s how I found myself entangled to you all through the game. Irrespective of what others saw in you to despise you, I saw beyond that and loved you the more. I find my way to justify you of whatever mistakes you make. I loved you to the extent that I couldn’t eat anymore cos your mental health was being affected in the house. My heart raced heavily when you were walking on eggshells. I had to delete my Twitter app when I couldn’t take it anymore but I usually find my way back to update myself of your well-being. I literally put you in my daily prayers and thoughts. I was heartbroken you had to leave that way but also happy you would be mentally free cos I was almost drained emotionally seeing you in that house of toxicity. My love for you made me realize that if I could love you with all these flaws,then God’s love towards mankind is definitely genuine. I would always support you in the best way I can. I can’t wait for you to take over the world. I am ready to see you glow radiantly in the eyes of those that don’t want you. And lastly, do remember that you have to love yourself alone without the validation of others. Elites Love for you is so massive and explosive. I am an Elite and forever and Elite ⭐We are on standby waiting for you whenever you are ready.