#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica!

From my Day 1, it was you for me (I didn’t start watching with everyone so I probably watched the entrance at the end of the first week). It was the smile, the joy, the face, the glow that seemed to be coming from within and THAT white outfit. 

This is the first BBN I’ve ever watched and I got into it because of the videos of you I saw. It was refreshing; everything about you is refreshing. You came baring yourself; all of you for the world to see and I accepted all of you without reservation. In many ways I saw myself in you and I found myself rooting for you in a way that I’ve probably not done before. You make stanning you so fulfilling. 

Erica, we are behind you. I am solidly behind you. Stars don’t struggle to shine, and in darkness they shine even brighter. Erica, you will go out and illuminate every space, every room, everywhere you walk into and your light will never go dim. 

In us you have found a family. I am rooting for you wholeheartedly and I absolutely cannot wait to see all that you accomplish. Stanning you will always, always be a pleasure. I love you dearly.