#DearErica, Ghanaian


Dear Erica,

Taking time out of my super busy schedule to pen this down. In finding yourself and your passion to attain the greatness ure destined for, u found yourself in BBN. U went in there with your genuine self and your honest self. U saw and said every single thing that happened before they actually happened. I watched and heard almost everything, that’s how closely I followed the show till u left. U r not perfect! Yes! And so are we all. We r all not perfect but the difference is that, u took yourself out there and allowed your imperfections to be aired out there behind cameras, edited and judged again by imperfect human beings! That’s a strength so rare! As much as BBN is a game, some individual qualities cannot be hidden! Like your big good heart! From all I saw, even though I did not agree with a few actions, and u caused me heart break! I actually stayed up all night, that “Saturday” and even tried sending dms to ur handler.(I don’t know what I thought I was doing). Didn’t sleep all morning, was super scared and worried cos I knew what was coming later that Sunday. I wept sore, for almost 3 days (trust me! This is not me oooo…lol). I wished I had super powers.

But u know what? U have that super power! Look at you now? Pls and pls! It’s ok to be down sometimes but my dear, u carry that “halo” that “aura” that “glow” which is rare! Which is God ordained! Which no man can duplicate no matter how they try! It is God given! Strengthen your mind with all the help u need. U are definitely not a mistake! God brought u here for a greater purpose! U are neither alone! Only Child, yes! But for a reason. You get lonely sometimes, I know. But with time u will find that companion who will be there always aside God! All u wanted was some love and assurance from a few pple in the “house”. But you didn’t find it and it’s fine! U rather gave what u were trying to find out to others and didn’t get same back. And that’s also another “Super Power!”

Please take your time to heal! “Take your time but don’t waste time”. U are a “Star” ⭐️


. U know what a star is? You know what stars do? U are a whole lot in one Erica! Not everyone will be ok with that my love! And no it’s not your fault! It’s not a curse! It’s a blessing! “Super power!” U are self sufficient! And know that!!! You are a winner not even in any game but in real life! Adjust that crown and rule like how you are destined to! Let say BBN was the link to introduce us!!! And I am grateful!

I could write a while book, but let me leave this here. So you can read others. Will come back if I forgot to add some other important facts! Love love you! And stay blessed!

My Dear Erica!