#DearErica, Nigerian


I’m so happy this email is up because i can let out my heart wholly and fully. My dear Erica, My dear sister, My dear one.
I honestly can’t explain how much i really love and genuinely care for you. I cant understand it, i dont think i ever will because i keep asking myself how i love someone i have never seen in my life.
Erica, you stepped into that house for the first time and i dont even know how it was you i liked, i have no idea, my siblings kept on asking me why you but i can never ever explain it. 
Right now, when anybody asks me, i tell them i have four sisters because you’ve become my sister. My elder sister. I love you so much Erica, i want the very very very best for you. I want you to soar high in christ, in your life, i want you to succeed beyond expectations. 
I followed your journey throughout your stay and every single time i saw them hurt you in anyway, both in front of you and behind you, it broke me. How i shed  real tears for someone i haven’t seen is beyond me. One thing I’m sure of is that God always sees His children and He sees everything that goes on so i believe every single thing happens for a reason. And i know, i believe you’ll come out bigger, stronger,  better, braver like the beautiful beautiful start that you are. I know you’ll take over the world. You will be great and do wonders by God’s grace. 
I have a lot to type but i don’t want you to now get bored and stop reading please don’t stop. 
Erica, i love you so so so much my sister  please never ever ever think you don’t have a family, I’m here for you and I’m going nowhere, nowhere at all. I’ll always be here, loving you and rooting for you till the end. Please don’t stop smiling, it makes me sad to not see that smile on your face
Stay blessed, stay strong,stay smiling stay beautiful my dear one. I love you so much.
From your sister, Okonkwo Cynthia Onyinye