#DearErica, Zimbabwean


Dear Erica

I am sure l will enjoy writing to you as this will be a little bit of therapy for me as well.

I am proud of you and your scars. 1st let me say to you we have almost the same stories and also different in a way.

Growing up in the beautiful township of Mpopoma, in Bulawayo Zimbabwe the only thing l craved for was a father but when l realised that was never going to happen l found pleasure in poetry.

I have a few people l call friends and they change with time and age, meaning the people who used to be my friends when l was in primary school didn’t become my friends in high school and the university. Why? Because they saved their purpose and left and l believe l saved my purpose in theirs also.

They say stars shine but there isn’t a star that shines alone. You shine and that shine is yours but imagine had it not been for the darkness would your shine have been seen. I wonder and truthfully l doubt. Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves. So with that said forgive yourself first before looking to forgive any other person eg your father, Laycon, your ex’s etc.

Forgive them not because they apologise but forgive them because you deserve to be free. Free them out of your mind because if they don’t they are living for free in your heart as they don’t pay rent.

I don’t know if l have told you l love you yet but hey l love you. I loved you when l first watched BBN not knowing you were that actress l had seen on Hire a woman and l was like wow a new face and how l love new talent. I saw you in movies with the biggest actors and actresses in my head but l also saw you shine individually. You are a star but for stars to shine they need darkness and other people.

I saw the video you posted on IG when you reached 800K followers and l was like wow. As l looked through the comments l realised everyone was asking why Laycon is omitted. In my head l said people would have complained even if he was there. I pray you forgive him and fix that friendship you had when the show started. He said what he said you did what you did but now we move on.

The only way to move is if you forgive yourself and remember those that truly love you will understand.

Yours in love