#DearErica, Kenyan


Hello my dear sweet girl, this is from a fan in Kenya who absolutely adores you . You have a good soul and a big heart and for that you are blessed. I love you so much. That was not the purpose for this though, watching you for 7 weeks gave me an insight into your emotions and reactions, while I understand your feelings are valid, my dear one thing you should avoid is hurting others with your words. I know you don’t mean it maliciously but words cannot be taken back once uttered. I love that you are in touch with your emotions but you cannot be a slave to them. You don’t know me but I love you, I feel your pain, I’ve been in similar situations before but one thing remains that no one can take away from you, you have a PURE heart with PURE intentions, and you’re destined for greatness.
PS: I didn’t mean for this to be so long as I’m writing at 3:00 a.m EAT , I just hope it can be of help                       

With love,            Ashley️