Dear Erica ,

E- Eloquent


I- Independent


A-Adorable is E.r.i.c.a. 

My dear you were human ,you were a female ,you were the reality in the BBN house. You showed your human self selflessly the good ,the bad, the ugly. The weak, the strong ,the vulnerable. People looked called you names and still do because of all these. Your housemates looked down on you for being you but you know what? They are only hypocrites and boldless people who wish and long they were able to have the courage to feel free the way you did. Leave them in the same house with no cameras and the rest is history they will do worse than your did. The only difference is yours was on camera
You lived your moments had fun enjoyed cried fought faced the consequences yet you stood strong and will grow stronger than those who thought they were better than you. Your life experiences and growing alone may have put you in that vulnerable space n it hurts that fine but what I wish for you is that you look at life moving forward from the most beautiful and brightest side of all that. You are who you are now thanks to that hardworking endearing motivated smart  just to name a few.
The greatest part of your life is ahead of you and will never be the same. The love care and emotions you wished and yearned for can still be lived for in the next greater future years of your life graph in now. You mom is there and I know seeing you in all shades made her realise her mistake and ready to utilise it now that she can. Bend that bond NOW with Mom and be as Close as you wished.
As For Kiddwaya, my dear life is too beautiful if you love him go for him of you don’t please keep him as a great friend of yours regardless. Don’t let any thing or anyone force you to live a shaded life for your spirit is too free n should live freely and happily always. Kidd is a good boy with his ways based on where he comes from which is no fault of his. The most important thing for me to you is that don’t make it a duty that the most be a relationship between you as an honest friendship is worth billions never forget that. 
I can write a novel for you Erica my love, your selflessness made me love you same way I loved Khafi. I wish I knew you personally. I wish you all the best life has for you and the successful things you desire. I insist open up your spirit to you mom n make use of it while you can. I say so cus I lost my mom early and I have never overcome the pain and desire mother daughter relationship my heart has forever yearned and longs for it. Hearing you have yours alive and strong make my heart bleeds that you are not the best buddies yet you want to be one so make it happen. Love