#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica,
 Uh mm mm, I am speechless and crying, because i have never felt for someone I haven’t meet in my life before. I just cant say how much I love you. I love you for being you, love you for everything. I have a strong believe you will be very great in life. Erica, I love you so much. Words can’t quantify the kind of love I have for you. Thank you for being a strong woman, thank you for that smile. I don’t cherish bbn that much, but ever since I set my eyes on u on the screen it change everything about me totally. Baby G i love you , your smile makes me happy please continue smiling forever. And please take care of momma that woman is a great woman. She deserves the best. Thank her raising a star girl for us(elite).I made a wish today, to meet you one day and express how much I love you.
Love you Aishat