#DearErica, Nigerian

Adorable rules

Dear Erica,
It was my first and is the last time I will be so emotionally invested in entertainment shows. I went on a rollercoaster with you through it all. Your smile, your tears, your honesty, your vulnerability, your sex appeal, your dress sense, your confidence, your strengths ,your weaknesses, I could go on and on, they contribute to make you the STAR you are. You are STUNNING. Truly, I’ve never loved someone else other than immediate family this much♥️♥️. That faithful Sunday evening, I felt my heart break, but today, I bless God for your life and our beautiful journey. 
I want you to know today that you are ALWAYS ENOUGH. Never give into regrets, it’s a trap. Shine so bright my darling and know that you have that sister you always wished you had in me. 
Love ♥️Adorable Rules