#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica,                   

You reminded us of what it means to be human and how beautiful a soft-hearted person really is. Thank you for making us see that to feel is to be human and our tears are our healing waters needed to release our anger and pain. Thank you for showing us that strength comes from vulnerability. Thank you for showing us the beauty of a good and pure soul.                 

You are at your point of healing, a point some of us have gone through. During this time in your life, I pray you remember how beautiful you are and I refer to the beauty of your pure soul. I pray you allow yourself feel the strange and painful emotions you will have to face and at the end be an overcomer. I pray you look up to The Lord in all moments of your life to pour out your heart to Him and hold His Hand to direct your steps. For the Lord always hears and He always understands. There is not a human being without a flaw and we all have the will power to become better. You will have the peace your soul desires and you will blossom beautifully. Through it all do not forget that we all are beautiful imperfections. God bless you abundantly Big sister. I love you                                                                 

From:  A fellow Babygirl.        A.E.