Dear Erica,
Prior to this season of BBN, I had never even watched the show before. Then lockdown happened, I started taking small peeks at it.
Then I saw you. First of all, I was enchanted by your smile. What?! “Is she even real?”
“How can a human be so beautiful?”

Like play like play, I got stuck to my tv watching you. I would smile sheepishly whenever you came on screen. I felt all the emotions you felt in there.

I started asking myself if I was normal. Loving someone that didn’t even know me this much? I would defend you everywhere to the point of tears sef.

Erica, you made me a proper fan girl and I’m unashamed about it. You captured my heart, maybe because I saw myself in you.
So let me assure you now, this love is a forever something!
You’re a star! Blessed beyond measures! Conquer the world! Shine Mamaa!

Love, Zubbey