Dear Erica
Bbn was too small for you, u got me with “I am the star of the show, with a few supporting characters and let’s not forget the Extras” mehn I was like how can this girl be this confident and gbam she proved exactly that in the show. I have never watched Bbn they way I watched this year blc of you, gosh the sleepless night were totally worth it. I made all my friends in Dubai watch hire a woman, being farouk, and ohaa by mc galaxy  is officially on repeat. U effortlessly made me love u more n more each day, am like what can’t Erica do?Everything about you is a topic for general knowledge, starting from your white dress to Gordon, I laughed so hard in the airtel challenge “444 opor opor”. I call this year’s  edition Bbn Erica. Love you all the way from Dubai hoping to meet you someday until then continue to sit on the heads of your enemies. Am the proudest Elite.