Dear Erica
I’m writing this to appreciate you, you were one of the best things that happened to me this year. Everytime I’m grateful to the big brother organisers for allowing me to know you
I just want you to know you are special, you are one of the best human being I’ve ever seen, you are exceptional
I love your energy, I love that you are flawed and you let the whole world see it, I love that you value loyalty, I love your smile, that was what made me fall in love with you
You thought me a lot, I learnt that not everyone can like you no matter how much you try so you don’t have to please people too much, I also learnt that you can be flawed and also be beautiful in and out, I also learnt from you to love my self the way I am and also to be self confident and not depend on others for love and affection
You are an amazing woman, you are strong, beautiful, flawed, awesome and confident
I love you baby g, I hope this letter reaches you. With love from a fan, Yossee.