Hi Cutie!
How’s that beautiful smile of yours doing? I hope that it is brighter because I’m back to tell you that I love you more everyday. Those around me understand nothing lights up my mood other than all the Erica related stories. Sometimes I feel it is not normal. I have so much love for you that I feel it is my duty to defend you all the time. Why are you surprised that I do all of this for you? *winks* Well, I know you. You are the one that doesn’t know me yet I know you have the same amount of love for me or even more. I don’t ever wanna see anything tarnishing your name. I feel the need to stand up for you. I do this for my sisters and you are one of them no doubt.Funny enough, I don’t ever think that I could even want to see you in person. I mean, how do I act in front of you? Unless you take me with you then I can be comfortable *lol* But if you ever decide to come to Lusaka Zambia, I will do whatever to see you. I miss you baby. Perhaps the has been away for too long. It is high time that she adjusted that Crown and returned, you have to rule. Trust when I say the Elites are doing well looking after your territory but your presence is missed my darling.I’m here for all the success that awaits you. I’ll be the first to clap even if you crawl because whatever happens, you are going forward. I love you today and forever mama. Keep smiling and being thoughtful. It’s what makes Erica, Erica. There will never be another you. Proud of you and all the things you are yet to do. Congratulations in advance.You complete me.
Your long lost sister, Wendyy