Victoria O.

My baby G, the moment I saw you step on that show with your dress, I
took note of you but never really noticed you. When I saw your first
workout with Praise, how u were all smiles and beautiful, my heart told
me that you were going to be my favourite… but I never knew that you
were going to be more than a fave to me. whenever I see u hurt, I have
sleepless night, to be honest I can’t remember when last I prayed so
loudly without shame, but when u got your first strikes, I prayed like
never before… I think about your well being whenever I wasn’t
watching. I began to like what I never liked, because you liked them,
your haters became my most disliked housemates, and your closest
became my next liked because of you. You taught me how to smile even
when I am down. you taught me how to be smart even when people see me to
be lazy. You’re such a sweet, natural and respectful Lady. When you
left, I cried like someone who lost a dear one, but fate was too cruel
to play such a prank on us ( the united Elite family) God will always
see you through everything.  I love you… I’m hoping to be in big
brother someday, I pray you also watch me and pick me as your
favourite… that will be my best gift ever.