Dear Erica,
I apologize that this did not come sooner. But , I have few words to say to you.
I do not know if you realize how many lives you have touched and how many loves you have gotten from just being you and wearing your heart on your sleeves in a show where some people pretend and are too camera conscious.

I do not know if you realize the number of young women you have touched by just living freely and owning your sexuality in a world where women are gas lighted for being wild,free and sexually liberal.

I named you ‘Movement Erica’ because, I saw the power behind you and your story from the 3rd day of the show when I started watching consistently. The world didn’t wake up to you then until, you happened like a hurricane and erupted like a volcano before them all. Your surname should be ‘Volcan’. Lol.

I just want you to know that I love you. My parents and sister love you. Elites all over the world love you and we are that family you never had. We all can’t wait to see you and watch as the great story of Erica Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedim a.k.a Baby G unfolds. It will be more than a best seller and a masterpiece. 
I love you,girl. God bless you,dear.

With love from,Unwana-Victoria to Erica Badoo