Dear Erica,

My instincts have rarely turned out wrong and from the first time I saw you on my screen I knew you were a gem.

You showed me the magic of making oneself priority, no gimmicks for the camera and always seeing the best in people even though they do not deserve it. Your belief in God was unshakable and it was so endearing to watch and hear.You oozed confidence but still had your periods of insecurities like the best of us. You have shown me that I can raise my head up even when the people in the room are up in arms against me. Your acts of loyalty shown during the show gives an insight into how much of a great friend you would be!

You have made me smile, laugh, cry (weird right), scream at my TV, blush; and I am glad that you have come to our screens to show us your STAR quality. I cannot explain why I love you so much even though we have never met; even my son recognizes you as “my Erica”. I pray for nothing but the best for you because you truly deserve and nothing is going to stop your shine!

Here is to the best years of your life. Trust to see you and your mum on that (those) trip(s); and you on our screens as the Queen that you are for many years to come.