Dear Erica, Baby G of life. Now I know what it feels like to watch someone on TV and love them. To want to protect her and makes sure she never feels alone, to cry when she cries, laugh when she laughs, dance when she dances. You have a beautiful soul and darling you were the realest, you lived your truth and you were not afraid to bare yourself to the world. Some of the most happiest moments of my life this year came from watching you and when you left I became rabid by stalking your socials and refreshing every seconds. Even though I miss you, I’m content with you trusting the process and timing and it would be selfish of me to place my need to experience you more over your growth and a much required time off. You are a star Ngozi and your awesome light will never dim. You are a city set on a hill which can never be hidden. Keep shining sister and I hope one day I’ll be able to wrap you in the hug I so badly want to give you.
Love you Ericuh Ericuh Ericuh.
Tomi from Osun state, Nigeria