My dearest Erica, 

My baby as I fondly call you, you were such a delight to watch and I am so proud of you.You had an incredible run.Your smile captured my attention, but your whole essence kept my attention on you.I laughed with you the most, defended you the most, hyped you the most, looked out for you the most, watched you the most. I am also cried with you the most and cringed at you the most…lol.Your journey was imperfect but that made it the most beautiful and endearing.Just like your smile captured my heart and made me a fan, your imperfections locked me in and made you feel like family. 
As you close this chapter of your life, please  have no regrets. They are a waste of your precious emotions. In the words of Rihanna “never a failure, always a lesson.” Pick up the lessons and hold your head up high.Protect your heart and space as people will not always be a genuine as you are…”be as gentle as a Dove and as wise as a serpent”
Choose you over and over again…because you are enough. Always remember to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and love on yourself. You are a Queen…adjust your crown. And on the days you don’t feel up to it, I am here to remind you of how incredible and powerful you are.I love you so much baby girl. I am rooting for you.
Love always,Tolu.