#DearErica, Nigerian


Words fail me, thoughts of you bring mixed emotions, tears, Joy, happiness, peace and there’s this unusual wave of calmness that goes through me when your name pops up in my head and heart. I know you may or may not see this but I will give my life to see you laugh again, your success is where I will draw my strength from. You will never no sorrow, failure and sadness. Your light will shine so bright that it will be used as a guide to life’s destination just like the light of the star guided the wise men. 
I love you babe, I pray for you more than I pray for me, I want to be the family and friend you always craved, sometimes I wish I can protect you from everything and anything but I know it is impossible so I do the ones I can, hype you, wish you well, pray for you and smile at your success. 
Conquer, breakthrough, explore, learn, unlearn, relearn, laugh, cry, smile, live and love but most importantly SHINE baby girl SHINE my STARGIRL. God bless and keep you. 
Much love
Erica Ngozi Ugonma Nlewedim
With unconditional love from: