Dear Erica

I just want you to know that your heart is what I fell in love with, you have the most beautiful and pure soul have ever seen.

In the house all you did was listen to your heart and it took you straight to greatness despite all odds your pure soul kept you going.

Have learnt a lot from you but one is that I should listen more to my heart than to people.

Now I know that the voices you are hearing are so many but always remember that the only voice you are allowed to listen  to is your heart.

When you are confused listen to your heart
When you get to a crossroad listen to your heart

It didn’t fail you then and it will never fail.

One thing I also learn from you is to do what makes you happy because las las no one knows what the future holds

The thought that I don’t know you In person make me wanna cry at times but it’s ok as Far as you are doing well that’s all that matters.

I love you.